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English Diary

I found someone visited from oversea(out of japan) to my blog.
my blog written by japanese.
if they browser can't display multibyte characters(like japanese)
they look broken web site.
It's too bad.

I write by english my blog sometimes,
for visit people from oversea by result of search engine or something.

Today I introduce myself.
I was born in Japan at 1977.
naskin is my nickname when I was student of High School.
I am a computer Engineer.
Recently my favorite music is Ron Wood(member of the Rolling Stones).
He released wonderful solo albums
and He plays Slide Guitar is awesome.
blog title is name after his song.

I can write easy english words and sentence
and I will write strange english sentence.

if you interested me and have a time, write a comment(コメント) by easy english words.